It all began with Amara, the handmaiden of Qetsiyah, who was Silas' true love and the world's very first immortal woman, alongside the world's very first immortal man, Silas. She was the origin of a line of doppelgängers that, in recent history, came to be known as Petrova
doppelgängers. Her doppelgangers are Tatia, Katerina, Elena and an unnamed woman whom these three descended from.

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Wait What?


Okay so I know we are all freaking excited about Season 6 promo poster.

But I hear some are upset about the way Caroline is in the poster.

Indeed she is on the ground but that isnt the first time she was on the ground.

In the fourth promo she was on the ground. Granted she wasnt laying down but she was still there.

imageSo I dont know why people are bugging about it.

Hell Caroline wasnt in the 3rd promo, it was just Stefan, Damon, Elena and Klaus.

If people want to talk about the misplacement of characters they need to talk about Tyler and Jeremy and how they are so far back I didnt realize they were even in the poster.


Hell Matt, Alaric and Enzo are closer and Matt doesnt have much of a storyline in the show. But He will this season which I guess is the purpose of him being this close.

So Im not so made about Carolines position because she is still closer then Bonnie ever was in the last five posters. Well maybe not season 1image

They both got a good spot but after that Bonnie was forever stuck in the back and you could see Caroline way before Bonnie.

imageEven Carolines outfit is Better then Bonnies.


And again Caroline is infront of Bonnie.

So I dont really under why people are a bit pissed at Carolines placement in the season 6 poster when her position and sometimes clothes is better then Bonnies in past posters.

Then again its just my opinion. Dont get me wrong, I love Caroline although she pissed me off in the last two episodes of season 5.