It all began with Amara, the handmaiden of Qetsiyah, who was Silas' true love and the world's very first immortal woman, alongside the world's very first immortal man, Silas. She was the origin of a line of doppelgängers that, in recent history, came to be known as Petrova
doppelgängers. Her doppelgangers are Tatia, Katerina, Elena and an unnamed woman whom these three descended from.

A blog mostly about Amara, Tatia, Katherine and Elena (and sometimes about the other characters as well)


I sometimes edit some pictures and do reaction gifs, I also try to make gifs of my own.
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The Vampire Diaries Panel Part 2 - Comic-Con 2014


TVD Cast Teases Season 6 - Comic-Con 2014


Matthew Davis talks about Alaric returning to The Vampire Diaries Season 6. 


Matt was having dinner with Julie Plec and he was going to say to her that it was emotionally too hard for him to come back as a guest once in awhile, so he was going to tell her that he couldn’t do it anymore because it hurts too much and TVD is like family to him.  But before he could say anything she asked how he felt about coming back for good if they decided to relive Alaric and I’m so beyond tears right now

this is the cutest thing ever

Also Ric will teach Sheila’s Occult Studies at college

And he is jealous of Enzo

Pls bury my body in holy ground because I died

The cast and crew of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ play two lies and one truth - Comic Con 2014